About Us


Vision and Mission

Vision: To become industry disruptors through the development of a fully integrated, flexible and cost-effective solution in the logistics industry.


Mission: To provide outstanding technological solutions for our partners through ensuring clients accelerate their return on investment while optimising their resources. We are committed to provide actionable intelligence which enhance resource utilisation, safety, cost effectiveness and business processes. We are going to help create value chains through matching the right supplier with a client.  Over and above this, we value strategic partnerships with our competitors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

CBL has articulated a clear strategy to use its collective skills and comprehension of markets to develop a compelling value proposition.

Our Approach

Our ecosystem consists of warehouses, logistics companies, private and business customers as well as other stakeholders in the value chain, CBL’s is supported by an integrated system that underpins every aspect of our operations. Our market research studies have demonstrated that there is a disconnect between the stakeholders, customers and logistics companies in particular. There is no smooth transition of goods across the value chain to the end customer, often interruptions, lack of communication and chains of agents are the cause.

Through a strategic positioning of our integrated operations system, CBL ensures a cost effective and uninterrupted flow in the value chain thus delivering quality outcomes, reinforcing sustainability and a culture of committing to social, environmental and corporate concerns.

Our story

Founded early in 2019, CBL is an emerging technology enabled transport and logistics based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Though it was already conceptualized our business back in 2013; awaiting strategic timing and resources, it was able to grow company from strength to strength. Today, CBL has access to a wide variety of fleet and access to essential goods and services required in logistics.

Having started as a furniture removal and cleaning business, the horizon got broader and CBL positioned itself to penetrate the transport industry with a unique value proposition. We are intent to become a leading global provider through our cutting edge service that leverages technology. Our offering is simple; our core business is being a third party logistics provider (3PL), we also provide home and office removals, courier and other value added services like cleaning, packaging, and warehousing.

The company boasts of a dynamic 100% black ownership and is intent on penetrating the industry through ground-breaking and advanced technology infrastructure. The company is intent on becoming the unrivalled industry leader through setting trends and being proactive to addressing complex challenges and bringing industry relevant solutions. We commit to bringing reliable, safe, efficient and consistent service to South Africa and the Rest of Africa.