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With the onset of the fourth industrial revolution, we come in with a robust business model that provides us a great competitive advantage. Central to our offering is being people and solutions orientated while appealing to today’s customer. We offer technological solutions to both suppliers and customers as well as other stakeholders, ensuring we are within reach and able to connect them to their logistics needs within a push of a button.

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CBL offers direct and outsourced services in the transport and logistics space through facilitating a movement of goods from the manufacturer to the end customer. CBL provides ecommerce, consulting, product shipping, packaging, warehousing and other value added services within the chain. Our philosophy is centered on providing a world-class cost effective transport and logistics solution.


We are committed to provide superior end transport solutions for our commercial and individual clients. CBL specialises in a daily expedited road transport across the country. We provide less than truck loads or break bulk part load consolidation through a fleet of open and closed vehicles ranging from 1 ton up to 34 tonnes. Specialised full truck loads are conveyed through Superlinks or Tri-axles.


We provide warehousing facilities through our strategic partners across the country in key locations that are in close proximity to our clients. Our main priority is to benefit the client through improved risk management, superior customer service, efficient packaging and processing as well as better inventory management. CBL understands the need to bring efficiency in the centralised value chain within the transport and logistics industry, this can be done through providing a platform that connects all stakeholders in real time through technological infrastructure.